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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BLOG: #Music ( Deadmau5) "Secrets"

Deadmau5 - Secrets (HD)

Deadmau5 - Secrets

First track of Deadmau5's first and
 most obscure album:

"A Little Oblique"

This album was released online in the days before "Get Scraped," and most of the tracks within it were either released again on later albums, or mixed into later songs.

"Secrets" was eventually remixed into the song "Whispers", which appears on At Play, Volume 3.  All copyrights go to Joel Zimmerman and Melleny Melody.

I am not Deadmau5. I am merely a fan wishing to help other fans discover some of Deadmau5's lesser known tracks.
 This channel is intended to promote Joel Zimmerman's work and encourage the purchase of his music.

A Little Oblique was released as a free album in April, 2006. The original MP3 files can be legally downloaded here:

Please note that Joel Zimmerman provided this song for free distribution at

 Azorian Media