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A.M NEWS: WEIRD- Sam Prof " Beached Whale 1/2 mile Inland"

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Red Tailed Hawk NailGun:
In San Francisco A red-tailed hawk shot with a nail gun is recuperating after it eluded wild life officials for four days.
It was finally captured in the Botanical Garden on Saturday afternoon.

A husband and wife team found the bird at a botanical garden and spent 90 minutes trying to lure it in to a dog cage with a dead mouse. Once inside the cage the nail was dislodged when the bird bumped it's head on the roof of the crate.

Officials say the nail had been in the bird's beak for more than a month. A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the conviction of the person who did it.

The bird said it wants it's piercing back and "you can't control me man" "Scquawwww"


Arrow Porcupine:

In New Hampshire A porcupine is getting around a bit easier after Fish and Game conservation officer and local police chief helped pull an arrow out of its back.

Police Chief Wade Parsons tells the Eagle-Tribune newspaper that the animal had to stop walking every four or five feet

After removing the arrow, Conservation officer Chris McKee said the animal appeared to be in good health. According to the porcupine he's just glad he won't have to listen to anyone else jokingly singing Bon Jovi's "You give love a bad name"

ME : Shot through the heart and your too blame....


Beached Sei Whale in Seffing UK:

A 33-foot-long dead whale was recently discovered in a marsh half a mile inland near the English village of Skeffling.

The female Sei whale may have become beached after being caught in a particularly high autumn equinox tide. 
Or possibly, it's my theory, which is ... Aliens!

One official said "Sometimes whales come into the shallow water looking for food ...

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