Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A.M NEWS: Newsy Now- U.S. News (February 22, 2012)

Two Western journalists killed in Syria; Iran nuclear talks fail; Afghan protests turn violent; Obama to propose lower corporate tax rate.

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Heavy shelling in Homs, Syria kills two Western journalists — according to opposition activists. CNN reports

“The American is Marie Colvin, who reported from Syria — for us actually just hours ago and Frenchman Remi Ochlik. Syrian activists say they were killed during heavy shelling in the city of Homs.”

The UN’s nuclear inspectors have come up empty in Iran for the second time in as many months. Iran maintains its nuclear operation isn’t a military one. But officials won’t let members of the UN’s watchdog group check out what they want. Here’s euronews

“…talks with Iran have failed over its disputed atomic activities. … a senior team from the International Atomic Energy Agency has been unable to get permission to visit the key military site at Parchin.”

A second day of protests in Afghanistan. People there aren’t happy with the alleged burning of the Quran by American troops. The BBC reports the protests are now growing violent.

“…at least 10 people being brought to one Kabul hospital with gunshot wounds, that’s coming from a doctor at that hospital.”  

Australian foreign minister Kevin Rudd resigned his post after accusations surfaced claiming he’s trying to unseat the country’s prime minister. A New York Times report saysRudd feels he no longer has the support of his country’s leader, and — as a result — can’t serve on her cabinet any longer.

In the U.S., reports say President Barack Obama will propose lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 to 28 percent. It’s currently the highest in the world. This morning, Fox News commentators covered the proposed change to the tax code.

“It’s basically a global tax. You’ve extended a global-tax net to catch any American company that makes a dime overseas, regardless of whether they bring that money back to America or not.”

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