Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BLOG: ART (Juan Osborne) Portrait "U2-BONO"

(Juan Osborne) Portrait "U2-BONO"
I really think U2 is more than a band… They aren’t just musician, since 1980s the Irish group have worked to address issues concerning social injustice.
For this illustration I took more than two hundred lyrics from the band website and counted all the words. Then I spread all the words over a portrait of Bono. I want to make a little tribute to his various charity and philanthropic campaigns by using the colours of the peace flag randomly in the letters.
The font is one of the most commonly used their cover artworks.
Again “love” in the most used word by far. 

Take a look at the beginning of the list: love (526),oh (262),like (239),know (236),go (219),come (214),day (174),can (173),see (170),one (149),need (139),want (132),feel (131),heart (129),away (121),get (119),got (117),say (113),walk (112),now (109),take (108),night (107),time (106),man (105),give (96),run (90),back (89),baby (87),make (87),yeah (86),just (82),way (82),look (81),sky (80),thing (78),fall (74),tonight (69),still (68),believe (66),boy (66),light (66),eyes (65),sing (65),sun (63),song (62),turn (62),world (62),girl (61),new (59),around (58),high (58),find (56),hold (56),blue (54),long (51),tell (51),place (50),shadows (50),call (49),face (46),head (46),waiting (46),heartbreak (45),rain (45),room (45),ain’t (44),name (44),shake (44),soul (44),try (44),talk (43),black (42),never (42),nothing (42),god (41),gun (41),happiness (41),last (41),star (41)…

Download PDF: JO-D-110901-Bono01

Text Portrait Art by: JUAN OSBORNE

 Azorian Media

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