Monday, February 20, 2012

AzM BLOG: #ART (Comics Sketch Cover) THE AVENGERS 7 with Scarlett Johansson - Ben Temples

 THE AVENGERS 7 with Scarlett Johansson - Ben Temples
Its a little bit of a stretch when I don't even bother to change her hair to darker tones to call it a Black Widow piece, but I'm doing just that. I spent a hell of a lot of time getting the skin as smooth as possible without having to smudge/blend. I like to think I have enough control over my drawing to not have to rely on shortcuts and gimmicks.
2 self-criticisms: 
  1. I decided after spending countless hours on the face that I was just going to rough in the hair just enough for it to be acceptable. Yes, I was mentally done and just phoned-in the hair.
  2. The shadow under her eye looks a little bit more like a bruise than a shadow. But I'm thinking somewhere along the way she probably asked for it.
Additionally, all of the Avengers blank covers have a subtle outline of an "A" in a light grey tone that is large as life on the front. It was a challenge to try and disguise it with the drawing, but if you look closely at the enlargement you can see it in a few spots.

I'm gonna take a break from these covers to work on an event poster design. Hopefully I'll have the time to get it done in time (crossing fingers and toes).

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