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AzM BLOG: #VIDEOGAMES ( MultiPlayer) "Facebook and Multiplayer" - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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A great video by Machinima highlighting some of the new social features on Modern Warfare 3.  I must admit that I was considering not even getting the new COD and just continue to milk Black OPS zombies until next year....but this social integration does have me intrigued and giving me some second thoughts. Check out the video and pay attention on the new social media clan support the new MW3 will bring to your gamer experience.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Multiplayer
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Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have confirmed that they revamped the entire killstreak reward system. They have stated that while Treyarch had slightly improved the system, it was not enough to make the system feel perfect.

Killstreaks are now known as pointstreaks, and kills are no longer the only way to increase the player's pointstreak. Completing objectives such as planting the bomb in "Search and Destory" or capturing a flag in "Capture The Flag" will award points towards the player's pointstreak.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Pointstreaks rewards are organized into three different "strike packages" called Assault, Support, and Specialist. The Assault strike package works the same as the killstreak reward system in Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, offering rewards like the predator drone and helicopters.

The Support strike package offers support-style rewards such as UAVs and SAM Turrets. Rewards from the support strike package do not reset when the player dies, but accumulate over the course of a match.

The Specialist strike package rewards players with perks of their choosing after every second consecutive kill. After eight kills, they will receive every perk in the game, but will reset back to none upon death. Players are allowed to choose which pointstreak rewards they want to use when they gain it during the match, rather than choosing them between rounds.
Along with revamping the entire killstreak reward system, Modern Warfare 3 will also have a completely revamped ranking and unlocks system, and will not use a currency system for unlocks.The player's primary weapon will level up alongside the player, and unlock a number of "Proficiency" perks such as Kick (reduced recoil while aiming down the player's sight) and Focus (stay focused under fire). 

Only one Proficiency can be put on each weapon. Another new addition is the ability to equip Hybrid Scopes on a weapon, such as a Red Dot Sight and ACOG Sight on a single weapon, and the player can switch between the scopes. Modern Warfare 3 will introduce a "Prestige Shop" which will unlock only after the player has selected the option to prestige for the first time. The "Prestige Shop" will allow prestige players to use tokens they gain from using the prestige option to buy exclusive features such as double XP and a extra custom class.

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have also revealed that they are attempting to balance perks that make players rely less on skill, by removing certain perks that give players a major advantage over others who do not possess the same perk. "Quick-scoping" has returned, while diving to prone or "dolphin diving" has been removed due to balancing issues.The teams have also revealed that to fix bugs and glitches, they will utilize Treyarch's hot fix system.Modern Warfare 3 will feature a local and online split-screen option.

Several new game modes have also been added.
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 "Kill Confirmed" requires players to collect floating dog tags from the corpse of a downed enemy before the kill can be registered. However, the opposing team can pick up the dog tag as well to deny the other team of a kill. 
 "Team Defender", both teams must try to cap a flag dropped by the first person who gets killed when the match starts, and hold it to accumulate points. Private matches also now include pre-made game modes including "Infection" (where the infected kills enemies to recruit them to their team)

"Drop Zone" (where the player must hold a drop zone for points and care packages), "Team Juggernaut" (each team plays alongside an AI Juggernaut character), "Gun Game" (be the first to get one kill with every gun in the game) and "One in the Chamber" (in which players are only allowed one pistol with one bullet and three lives where they can only get more bullets by killing other players). 
Along with this, players are allowed to create their own game modes with customized settings such as number of players and time limit.

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